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Cefalù and the Madonie mountains are famous not only for the landscape beauties and the delicacies enogastonomiche, but also for a series of events (festivals, fairs relgiose, car racing, etc.,) not to be missed. Here are some of them, which will take place in the coming months.

Beer Street Festival - Fifteen rigorously Sicilian breweries and fifteen street food producers will liven up the seafront and the alleys of the beautiful Cefalú, one of the most popular destinations on the island, for four whole days.   (date not confirmed)

La Fruottula (23rd June) - 'A Fruottula, also known as the Bread Festival, is one of the oldest testimonies of the traditions of Cefalù, handed down through the generations while maintaining its genuine popular taste.

Feast of the Most Holy Saviour (02 / 06 August) - Feast of the Most Holy Saviour of the Transfiguration, Patron Saint of the Cathedral Basilica of Cefalù. It is a festival in which sacred and profane merge, in a sublime alchemy of folklore and mysticism.


Camp@rt Festival - Event dedicated to art in all its forms, an open-air workshop, painting, sculpture, photography and video. (date not confirmed)

Pasta Festival in Taianu - The event is dedicated to an ancient dish, dating back to the Arabs, which is prepared on the occasion of the patronal feast of the Holy Savior. Discover the Pasta Festival in Taianu in Cefalù. (date not confirmed)

Sea Festival - Folkloristic review. Parade of folk groups, tastings of products of Sicilian gastronomy and Festival of blue fish.  (date not confirmed)

Feast of Our Lady of Gibilmanna (First Sunday of September) - Feast of Our Lady of Gibilmanna, patron saint of the diocese of Cefalù. "Offer of the Oil" and procession of the simulacrum of the Madonna. 


Sicily Food Festival - A food and wine journey, which embraces and welcomes all the good Sicilian food in an event not to be missed. In the streets of the Norman town, typical products and crafts, shows and tastings. (date not confirmed)

Panettone Festival - A festival designed to promote the sweet symbol of Christmas whose origins are notoriously Milanese, but that in Sicily has found an exceptional space thanks to the master pastry chefs.  (date not confirmed)

Christmas (08 December / 06 January) - Exhibitions, events and concerts in Cefalù throughout the Christmas period. Christmas markets, itineraries, circuit of the Nativity scenes and traditional 'Ninnariedda, Christmas night.


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